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PostSubject: Future   Future Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 6:16 pm

For the future i have no specific, measurable, time related, acceptable or realistic goals for posting here.

Those people who post here in my name under different IP's doesn't concern me, while i have my own website with forum.

My focus is there, not here and if would post anything here, i certainly will, but as me.

I would recommend to have your focus on your own now, because what i know about what is all written here about me in closed area it only proofs you people have no mission or vision at all for a good future.

I don't need to burn down IFZ, because basicly you do that on your own, in the forum, the behaviour on your servers like Ilana does, your attitude and your focus on the past.

Take the pain, start to go forwards instead of backwords and try to learn something about the gamingcommunity as were it's made for, namely gaming.

For Mono, get a life sucker, you're not here for being a allie, but just for trolling against me, which in the end will come on your path again in a worse way.

I don't think we will become friends again, but if you wanna fight me, i will be there, with open sight as i always have done.

Thx for the good games Grinder, wp man Wink

Bottems Up


[edit=biker54]The real Ina.
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